Rosemary name derived from Latin words "roses" Means dew and "marinus" Means the sea .50. The plant height is 20 cm and the suitable climatic conditions for this plant is the warm, moist air to a height of 150 Cm reaches .
Rosemary, dried leaves and flowering branches of the plant Rosmarinus officinalis The family Lamiaceae that at least 1% (volume / weight) is volatile oil .

Plant names :
Latin :
Rosmarinus officinalis
Farsi :
Rosemary, Romaren
Arabic :
Elamil al Jabal, Hesalaban, Hazalaban Elixir
English :
Rosemary, Common Rosemary, Moorwort, Herb of memory
German :
Echter Rosmarin, Anthoskraut, krankrautblatter, kranzenkrautblatter
France :
Romarin, Rose marine, Herbe aux couronnes, Feuilles de Rosmarin

Geographic source :
Rosemary, a plant native to the Mediterranean region, but in different areas of the world is growing. This growing regions of Spain, Morocco, and Tunisia exported former Yugoslavia .

Morphology :
Shrubs and perennial herbs, with branches ascending to a height of 2 meters. With narrow leaves no tip and needle-shaped terminal (thin), pink or white flowers, dark green and very rarely is .

The medication :
Leaves and branches of flowering plants, medicinal organ Rosemary form .
Time Collection :
Leaves and twigs of rosemary plant flowering in spring and summer when the flowers open and collected .

Distribution range :
Rosemary plant breeding is most common areas of Iran. Rosemary major producer in the world, especially North African countries of Morocco, Tunisia and the countries of southern Europe, especially Spain, France, Italy, Yugoslavia and America Up .

Constitutive materials :
Article Home Mtshklە leaves and twigs of rosemary essential oil and herbal Farmakvp Great Britain up to 1% of the weight of the essential oils mentioned, but the essential oils of the plant in different parts of the world between 5/0 to 5 / 2 % reported .
The major volatile compounds in oil to 1, 8 cineole (cineol) - Borneol (Borneol) , Comfar (Campher) , Boronyl acetate (Bornyl acetate) , Lfapy Nan (α-pinene) And -B Pinene up, depending on the geographic location of the cultivation, the amount and percentage of each of these materials is variable .
Other natural compounds in the leaves and twigs of Rosmarinus officinalis contains the categories are: flavonoids such as Jnkvanyn and luteolin, phenolic acids such as rosmarinic acid, di-terpenes, triterpenes, tannins, substances Bitter, resin, saponin, protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, some salts and vitamins .

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Applications :
Rosemary orally in the treatment of anxiety, headaches, migraines, high blood pressure, bloating, anorexia and locally as a topical analgesics in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, muscle aches and used. Also, due to the perfect flavor is used in the cosmetic industry. Rosemary oil is a stimulating oil and the smell and the effect is warm and penetrating. The effect of rosemary stimulus on the central nervous system is very prominent .Rosemary consumption because facilitates the secretion and excretion of bile from the direction it will take in diseases, jaundice and failure to apply Kbdastfadh. Rosemary use has been found to be useful in recovering from general weakness, excessive fatigue, and anxiety. .

side effects :
Local drug consumption or the use of cosmetic products containing rosemary plants in some sensitive individuals, sometimes causing redness of the skin, dermatitis, skin allergies and sensitivity to light are created .

Precautions :
Rosemary should be used during pregnancy, lactation, and in patients with epilepsy and high blood pressure .Rosemary with camphor oil is 20 to 10 percent if taken in large doses can cause epileptic seizures, such as the .

Uses in past medicine :
In medicine as a diuretic and carminative Aside from Rosemary orally and topically as anti-inflammatory and analgesic has been used .
Pharmacological effects :
The antimicrobial effects of plant and oil on rosemary volatilization and some of the active ingredients of this plant against the following microbes have been confirmed : Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus albus, Vibrio cholera, Escherichia coli, Lactobacillus spp., Pseudomonas fluorescents, Rhodoturula glutenis, Coriina bacteria .
Various fractions of rosemary antioxidant effects in vitro and in vivo has been reviewed and approved. In some of these cases, the above works with the works of well-known antioxidants such as BHA (Botylated Hydroxyanisole) And (Bothylated Hydroxytoluene) BHT Equivalent to the .
Significant effect on ileal smooth muscle essential oils Hindi pigs that the effect of borneol in volatile oil which acts in vitro as a acetylcholine antagonists. In another study relaxant effect of essential oils on sphincter Udi (oddis sphincter) Indian pigs that have previously been contracted with morphine have been well documented .The effects of anti-inflammatory, anti-complements, antioxidant and anti-Gvnadvtrvpyk rosmarinic acid, which is one of the main Mtshkl Rosemary is also proven .
The effect of oral administration or inhalation of essential oils of rosemary in mice, stimulating activity Lkvmvtvr has been seen that the effect of 1, 8 cineole know about. Rosemary extract inhibited the urease activity and the effect of other flavonoids reduce capillary fragility Dyvsmyn in rosemary plant pharmacological properties are important .
Resimant ointment
Rosemary Essential Oil has been used in the manufacture of Rosamint Ointment Each 30 gram ointment contains : 2.4 grams of rosemary, 1.2 grams of menthol and 1.2 grams of comforters .The drug is standardized according to ecliptile .The soothing muscle aches, arthritis Vrmatysmy it is ¬.This ointment increases blood circulation in the damaged or painful area by increasing the temperature and reducing the pain in the stomach. In addition, the menthol and camphor in this ointment have anti-inflammatory and joint pain.