Drinking tea has long been common in Iran and Iranians to use the drink after meals or at other times of day are used. But there is another kind of tea called green tea, which some consider a product of China and in China it was customary to drink it from the distant past and most recently, its use is recommended, as among the Iranians are not common. Perhaps the lack of knowledge of the properties of this drink is made yet as he ought to be able to replace your green tea drinks popular among Iranians open .

The property aware of the fact that green tea fat burning and lean ­ Maybe he can help a popular gathering of this drink in Iranian society .According to medical information that has been published about green tea fat burner may be only described Ghyrmzr and Non dangerous that is present in the market. Green tea, besides being harmful to human health, has many benefits as well .Green tea is the most effective dietary supplements for weight loss that can be effective in weight loss. According to recent research, if green tea along with some appropriate changes in eating habits and life is used, the body can burn fat and increase metabolism and reduce appetite, help .

Tea Types and Green Tea Benefits

There are three types of tea in total : black tea, green tea and Oolong tea ( Chinese tea ).The advantage of green tea on other tea is that it is less affected and the ingredients in it remain stable. ­ Stay. Green tea is known as an anti-cancer and antioxidant compound .Research shows that regular drinking of green tea can be very effective in preventing and treating sudden illnesses like cancer. .
Tea is a large flower that has evergreen leaves and is native to China, and has been used in that country for over five thousand years .Today tea is grown in all parts of Asia and parts of the Middle East and Africa .
The black tea is given fermented and not as healthy as green tea .Green tea is not fermented and Oolong tea is semi-fermented .Unlike black tea processing and fermentation that takes a lot of work, green tea steaming fresh leaves of the tea plant derived foods that require much and do not change color. After steaming, the leaves are dried using hot air, the resulting product is a pale yellowish green tea is slightly bitter taste .

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Tea plant compounds

The leaves of young leaves and leaves are the best part of the green tea .Tea contains caffeine, purine alkaloids, theophylline and theobromine .But the most active compounds in it are " polyphenols ", which have many of the therapeutic properties of tea, due to their existence. .
Some of the properties of green tea are related to a substance called catechin, whose antioxidant activity is very high and is antioxidant ­ Famous names such as vitamins C And E It works much stronger .
Polyphenols that determines the color in some plants, is very useful in weight loss and weight loss and burns fat by increasing body heat and energy consumption can be .
Research has shown that green tea consumption to heart health in people with high triglycerides are also very useful. Tests have shown that catechins found in green tea, especially epithelial ­ Gallo Catechin Gallate (EGCG) That consumption is directly proportional to inhibit the activity of pancreatic lipase (an enzyme that is secreted by the pancreas and helps digest fats) will be. As a result of this operation, quickly break down fats into triglycerides and increase triglycerides in the blood takes place very slowly .Due to the increase in triglycerides after a meal is a hallmark of the vessel occlusive disease, green tea consumption with meals, very useful .
Green tea consumption nervous system, your body becomes more resistant and relaxation away from the stresses it brings for you. Since many diseases are directly related to stress and nervous system, the consumption of these products can be considered as a useful medicine for all diseases .

A review of the properties of green tea

Prevention and treatment of cancer :

Green tea contains compounds called cathicine, phytochemical and poly ­ It is a phenol that these compounds are a kind of antioxidant .Antioxidants have the potential to fight cancer cells .This compound can prevent the growth of cells and tumors .The incidence of cancers such as breast, colon, skin, pancreas and stomach among people who drink green tea are less .
People with cancers like leukemia, lung, stomach, breast and intestine who take green tea ­ To help cure their illness ­ They do .Researchers believe that drinking green tea is a factor in preventing cancer, since its antioxidant levels are 100 times more effective than vitamins C And 25 times more effective than vitamin E Is .Notice that vitamin C And E As two important antioxidants are important .In this way, taking the green tea and receiving antioxidants, the body becomes immune to cancer .But black tea does not have such a property .Studies have shown that more green tea consumption is associated with a reduction in the incidence of breast cancer .

Avoid Cardiovascular Diseases :

One of the main causes of heart disease and heart disease is the high cholesterol in human blood .Green tea in addition to vitamins A And C It also lowers cholesterol in the blood, which lowers the risk of a heart attack and other illnesses. .
Green tea can also prevent cardiovascular disease .Daily intake of green tea ­ Can reduce up to 61% of heart disease .The presence of free radicals in the arteries can lead to cardiovascular disease .While the catechins in green tea can protect the inner lining of the arteries against free radicals and thereby prevent heart disease .In Japan, although cigarette smoking is a common practice, the lowest rates of heart disease have been reported .Some people think the reason for this decrease is the high consumption of green tea .
  Also from here ­ That green tea reduces bad cholesterol, triglycerides and fibrinogen (a protein in the blood that are involved in the formation of blood clots) is thereby able to prevent arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) prevent. Researchers believe that even after a heart attack, green tea can repair damaged cells of the arteries and heart and accelerate the process of repairing cells. .
The other thing is usually after a heart attack protein ­ Which produce cell death, while catechins in green tea stop the activity of this protein, thereby minimizing stroke and heart rate and increasing the rate of recovery .An active ingredient in green tea prevents blood platelets as much as aspirin, which improves blood circulation. 

Triglyceride reduction :

Catechins in green tea lipase activity (the enzyme responsible for digesting fats) pancreas inhibits. As a result, breaking down the fat and turning it into absorbable components at very low speeds ­ Place. Due to increased blood triglycerides after a meal intake is a risk factor in heart disease, taking a cup of green tea in between meals is a good way to reduce blood triglyceride .
Lowering blood pressure :
Using the right amount of green tea daily reduces the chances of developing high blood pressure by 64% ­ To give .

Preventing Diabetes :

Generally, with increasing age, blood glucose levels rise slightly ­ Rood, especially if you do not pay enough attention to your diet .Weight is rising over time, and the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes is also rising .A daily intake of five cups of green tea can prevent diabetes .Green tea can miraculously prevent complications from diabetes such as cataracts and kidney disease .Seems to be an important mechanism to inhibit the activity of salivary amylase and intestinal enzymes (the enzyme responsible for digesting starch) is.By inhibiting the activity of this enzyme, starch is very slow ­ It breaks down, and as a result, the blood glucose rises slightly .Taking tea together with a carbohydrate-rich meal reduces glucose release and absorption, which prevents insulin secretion. 

Anticoagulant :

Green tea dilutes blood and prevents blood clots .With meat and oil consumption ­ Non-saturated herbal products such as corn and soy oil create compounds in the body that cause blood platelets, while using green tea can prevent blood clots. 

Green tea and youth :

Green tea as an antipyretic drug (Anti-aging) Know. The main reason is the presence of a significant amount of antioxidants in green tea, especially antioxidants that are effective in keeping youth well .Antioxidants are one of the most important factors in maintaining the health and wellbeing of the cells of the body, which delay the onset of the aging process of cells. 

Weight loss and green tea :

With green tea metabolism (metabolism), body fat and thus accelerate the excess fat stored in the body is not ­ Be. Green tea is capable of intestinal absorption ­ E reduces glucose and lipids and thus leads to weight loss in the individual .People who use green tea have been shown to be weighed less than those who do not consume green tea. ­ They do .Green tea prevents the storage of glucose in fat cells ­ Be. That way ­ The ability to consume green tea, control the amount of carbohydrates ( sugars ) and exercise as a triangular exercise for health and fitness. .
  Green tea and its extract increase calories and body fat stored in the body and thus reduce weight. ­ Be. Previous research on animals has shown that green tea extract increases the process of "Trmvjnsyz" is.This process involves the production of body heat, which is caused by the digestion, absorption and metabolism of food in the body .This similar research has proved this process on humans .Green tea caffeine also increases the body's thermogenesis by 28% to 70% .Where "Afydryn" leaf green tea with added caffeine, this property is doubled. In the green tea ­ O called EGCG Also, the combination of this substance with caffeine and ephedrine has a greater effect on this process .But the point ­ The one that exists is that the consumption of green tea and the use of its capsules alone and quickly does not reduce weight. ­ And in addition to taking it, it is necessary to have a proper diet and exercise, which is continuous and continuous, in order to achieve the desired result .Green tea has proven to be a factor in really increasing the rate of metabolism, and you can burn 70 to 80 calories per day by drinking green tea every day. 

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Skin and green tea :

Antioxidants in green tea protect skin cells against damage, especially free radicals, which are one of the factors causing cancer and drooping and damaging the skin .This way, green tea prevents cancer, drowsiness and wrinkles, especially the skin of the face. 

Green tea and arthritis :

Researchers have identified green tea as a drug to reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis .This effect is caused by stopping the activity of destructive enzymes and the breakdown of cartilage damage in the joints .

Green tea : tooth and bone strength

This kind of tea contains a substance called fluorine (fluorine) As well .Fluorine causes the internal structure of the teeth to be tight and preventing the loss of enamel and tooth decay .The high percentage of green tea fluoride is the main reason for its positive effect on teeth and bones .In this way, a high percentage of fluoride in green tea can protect bones and teeth against damage, especially decay and osteoporosis. 

Sedative and anti stress :

This vegetable drink is also a sedative ­ .By drinking this tea, the nervous system is more resistant to your body, giving you peace of mind and avoidance of nervous pressure .Since many diseases are directly related to stress and nervous system, drinking this tea can be called a full-blown drug. 

Green tea and brain function :

Green tea stimulates the activity of brain cells, especially memory-related parts .Green tea, on the other hand, reduces the amount of acetylcholine in the brain cells and prevents brain cells from damaging Alzheimer's disease .On the other hand, antioxidants in green tea prevent the destruction of brain cells that is the main cause of Parkinson's disease .In other words, green tea antioxidants prevent the onset of Parkinson's by delaying the placement of brain cells in the aging and burnout phases. 

Asthma and green tea :

Theophylline in green tea in order bronchodilator (bronchodilators) that causes inflammation and sensitivity relaxation and breathing apparatus (damaged tissue). Therefore, drinking green tea is recommended for people with asthma or people who live in special areas ( such as workers in cement factories ) or in certain areas ( residents of cold areas ) . 

Other benefits :

Green tea is also able to detoxify the liver and prevent fat accumulation in the liver .Green tea will compensate for the deficiency and estrogen deficiency during menopause and prevent osteoporosis .Finally, green tea will make your mood relax, and as a result, it is recommended to use it to relieve fatigue.