History and introduction

Sabz Daru Espadana Pharmaceutical Company has been established in 2008 as a joint stock company and has been operating since 2011 with the aim of supplying the pharmaceutical needs of the country at the highest level of quality compliant with international standards.

The main goal of Sabz Daru Espadana Pharmaceutical is Producing and supplying quality and acceptable medicine in the pharmaceutical market also increase the satisfaction of consumers and patients .Along with trying to maintain market share, by producing the products required by the society, it can enhance its presence in the domestic and foreign markets ,Also by gaining profitability, The innovative goals of the company will be fulfilled.

Improving the quality of manufactured products and having the knowledge of pharmaceutical day in order to create a suitable and desirable background for survival and long-term survival is another goal of this pharmaceutical company. 

The complex is equipped with modern machinery and advanced laboratory equipment , and produces and markets over 14 types of pharmaceutical products in various forms such as suppositories, capsules, syrups, gels and ointments .The control of all stages of production from raw material to finished products takes place in the quality control labs and the quality assurance department of this company.

Research and Development department (R & D) of This company is responsible for research projects and all its processes are based on the needs of GMP And rules Designed and implemented based on WHO .Sabz Daru pharmaceutical company recognizes its rapid growth and development with creativity, innovation, and endless efforts by its managers and staff, which has consistently made this dynamic and consistent effort to achieve the desired goals faster than expected.

Sabz Daru pharmaceutical company with raw material produced from the most prestigious manufacturers in the world and in strict observance of laws of CGMP And comply with WHO In the manufacture of drugs and controlled according to international standards USP , BP And EP .

Having an impressive record with favorable clinical efficacy of the medicinal products to be supplied .

Also, ISO 9001: 2008 the quality management system or Receiving the relevant certificates from MIC institution England is based in this company .